Three Sisters Garden




Contacts: Cheri Hood

Address:  9240 East 46th Street




Three Sisters Garden is a half-acre plot that lies within the northwest corner of the 7.6 acres of Lawrence Community Garden.

Cheri Hood, a homestead gardener of ten years is the manager. I took on this project to better serve my community, by offering organic produce at affordable prices to our neighbors. I also wanted to put into action the use of my Urban Agricultural Certificate from Purdue Extensions. By engaging our neighbors and youth in this community, I hope to share my knowledge of the benefits of a plant based diet and to introduce other fruits and vegetables that many of us are reluctant to try.

As the name suggest, we grow corn, squash and beans. These companion plants offer great benefits to one another. They are not in competition for space or nutrients. This grouping isn’t as harsh on the land as corn would be alone. They each have something to offer the other.

Three Sisters Garden is located at 9240 East 46th Street. One block east of Post Road